May 16, 2007

sweet and petite

why oh why could i not have seen these a few weeks ago? they would have been perfect at the derby party and/or the baby shower! at least now i'll have a record of them here in my blog. beautiful cupcakes from the atlanta cupcake factory—just look at that sweet little nest! i'll definitely be going to check them out. and by check them out i mean stuffing one in my face :)

thank you daily candy for filling me in on these lovely little treats!

images from the atlanta cupcake factory.

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A Novelist said...

Oh, I love petite cupcakes. There is a bakery in NYC called The Buttercup Bakery and they have little petite cakes such as these. Soooo yummy! :)

My niece lives in Atlanta and the next time I visit, I will HAVE to try this place!