June 25, 2007

crowning glory

my mum and i went shopping on saturday and found these great crowns at the bombay outlet. we loved the idea of hanging a king and queen above the bed—especially because she's a brit—but since they just found the perfect pictures for that space, we came up with the idea of placing them one on top of the other on a small wall in their guest room. so lovely! we picked the one at three o'clock and the one at six o'clock in the photo above. next time i'm out visiting my parents, i'll be sure to take some pictures!


Tara said...

FYI: Some fellow alums from my college have an awesome website that has all sorts of cool crowns and such. Go check out the "Junk Gypsies" here (http://www.gypsyville.com/).

hiphostess said...

that is SUCH a cute idea!! would love to see the pics sometime :)

drey said...

wow how cool! utterly quirky. remember to take photos!!!

also, you've been tagged! (http://bijoukaleidoscope.blogspot.com)