July 9, 2007

sweet seat

i hope everyone had a great holiday! now, down to business. my friend kit is adding an addition onto her house, a large part of which is a huge screened in porch. years ago she saw a picture of these chairs around a wooden table in a magazine. she found them at dwr, but was hoping to get them (or something like them) for a better price. anyone have any ideas?


Catherine said...

Oh I don't know where you could get any similar ones from but they are fantastic chairs, love the colours!

casapinka said...

These are great - never seen any like them. I love the red and aqua together. I guess I don't want to know how much they are!

holly said...

oh, the red and aqua would look lovely in your place, pink!! just like that post you did a few days back!! so the red is $150 a pop and the aqua is on sale for $119. tempted?!?

Emmie said...

Hrm...if you aren't too attached to the chair being wood, you can modify a metal chair to look almost identical.

The chair's design looks like a reconstructed version of the standard metal folding chair, except with holes drilled into the back. The legs that have the back piece attached would be turned vertically, facing away from the seated person. The shorter legs would also be aligned vertically. It seems as if the nuts and bolts would still screw in correctly, as well.

I'm gonna have to try this, because I think it might work.

P.S. Hi, I like your blog.

nkp said...

I just came across your blog tonight...you have some cute finds! I have four of these chairs from DWR, 2 of the blue and 2 in the chocolate brown. Although I haave not seen anything out there quite like these, I can attest to the fact that they are totally functional (I have three young boys), and a "sweet seat!" By the way, I too covet the photo of the stairway from domino, I've looked at that page a hundred times, and I have always loved the very same chandelier. You have a terrific eye for design! Good luck on your house purchase!

Emily Smith said...

Oh! I remember seeing these in this past month's BluePrint magazine with a white washed wooden table. Very cute. Wish I knew of a cheaper version.