August 7, 2007

bholu bubalahs

i was just alerted to one of neatest sites i've seen in a long time. australian designer jodie fried's bholu (boah-loooo/adj.)—which means descriptive of naive and free artistic expression—creates beautiful, hand-made felted items. i'm particularly taken by the children's line. all designs come from drawings made by underprivileged kids aged 3 to 7. these drawings are then brought to life by traditional gujarati women artisans in remote areas of india. the philosophy behind bholu is "creating products that we love and live with while benefiting people we work with along the way." part of the proceeds go back to these women and their communities and also funds educational facilities for the underprivileged children.




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amber said...

i'm a little late, but i wanted to say that i love these! i enjoy things like this, but i hate buying them, because i feel it's a waste of money. the good cause is excellent justification to spend.