August 1, 2007

swizzle blog

remember those oh-so-cute coasters from swizzle factory i posted about way back when? well, swizzle factory owner, sherry b., has decided to start her own blog! fantastic! she's just getting started, so go take a peek and say hello at ...things that tickle me pink. i love her post on self serve art.


Barbara Jacksier said...

Hi While looking for all things coastal or French, I followed a trail that led to your blog. It's a really fun and stylish one, so I plan to make you my Blog Du Jour link later this week. We have a love of dogs, design and the Shopaholic series in common among other things.

My 9 year-old golden sends his best wishes to Ed.

You can check out my blog at

More photos of Belgium coming soon.

Sherry B. said...

Thanks for the shout out Holly - luv right back at 'cha!!