August 24, 2007

thanks, girls!

since i was traveling on my real birthday, my friends cristi and jenny took me to season's 52 to celebrate last night!! the food was great, the service was fantastic, the desserts were so cute, the conversation was just ok (kidding!!), and the presents! well, the presents were the best part! take a peek ...


this is a fantastic joom pillow, a gift from jenny! you'll have to ask her about the funny story that goes with (maybe she'll comment). it's a sort of pewtery, charcoal gray and i just love it to pieces. i've put it on the black leather chair in the living room and it looks beautiful! thanks, bella!!


from cristi, i got this "who wouldn't want to be us" silver frame. it's adorable!! (so was the gift bag!) i put a picture of me and tripper from his brother's wedding in there. (i miss you, tripper!) i love it! she also put some seriously cute cards and a hilarious notepad in there as well.


the cards say "loved it" on them, which is totally true in this case for sure. and the pad says, "when life hands you lemons, make lemonade. but when life hands you a load of crap, don't make anything." good advice.

thanks again, girls! i had a lovely, lovely time. xoxox.


Jenny said...

Haha! Yes. I tried very hard to get Holly's opinion of the pillow before I bought it since she loves her place to be just so! SO I thought I was plenty sneaky when I sent her the link asking if i should get it for MY apartment. Her response: you better get it or I will. My thoughts: SHIT!!! she's going to buy her own birthday present. So then I had to tell her not to because it might magically show up in her apartment one day. LOL... so the element of surprise was lost but at least she likes the pillow!

holly said...

i was still surprised by the color!! thanks again, jenny! i do love it!

Brilliant Asylum said...

I would love to know where your friend got the "Love it" cards.

Happy Birthday.