September 6, 2007

sunday morning bloody mary

look at this! i just discovered a new etsy shop—caroline grace designs. the handmade necklaces are beautiful! and with witty names like weekend clam bake, 3 pm sugar fix and saturday night bunco, i love them even more! pictured above—my very favorite—sunday morning bloody mary. very fairly priced at $18. go get one!

image from caroline grace designs.


Funky Finds said...


kristy said...

Thanks for sharing, those a beautiful. I might have to order one for myself! And thank you for highlighting Creative Thursday, I just order a print from her and loved it. You've got such a great eye!

Lazy Mom said...

I love stuff that has clever names... very cool!

holly said...

i just got my sunday bloody mary in the mail. i put it on immediately, it's so cute! it looks fabulous with my pjs! love it! love it! love it!