September 28, 2007

what's black and white and green all over?

reusable grocery bags! a couple of days ago, my friend ellen emailed about wanting to buy a stylish reusable grocery bag. i was all over it! take a look at the cute bags we found! ps—they have all sorts of colored bags, too, but i was drawn to the graphic black and white ...


aren't they great? these come as singles but also in a 5-pack from envirosax. (we found more great bags elsewhere, but i want to save that for another post.) they would have been absolutely perfect for me when i lived in dc and had to walk to the grocery store—the secret safeway in the cool townhouse. ahh, the memories. hey, would it make me a hypocrite if i loaded these up in the back of my suv? (yes, i have one. but i work from home and hardly ever drive it!) or, does every little bit count?


Barb McMahon said...

Every little bit counts. Definitely!

Anonymous said...

Hey Holly!

I love these reusable shopping bags from They fold up into a little pouch. I keep one in my purse. I have never have to use a plastic bag at a store. They come in cute colors and they're inexpensive.

Tracey said...

You can buy Envirosax PLUS reusable produce bags as well at
Envirosax (three styles)
and reusable produce bags: