October 21, 2007

happy anniversary!


hard to believe it's been three years! it seems like just yesterday that we were all in las vegas for the big day. those lucky in love t-shirts proved to be true—i really hit the jackpot! i couldn't be more lucky or more in love. happy anniversary, tripper!



DawnMarie said...

Congrats! You are the cutest couple. And just think, three years by Hollywood standards is like 25 years.

Anonymous said...

Happy anniversary! And great pics!

A Novelist said...

Happy Anniversary. What a beautiful couple! Here's to many more years of wedding bliss... ;)

kconnick said...

Happy anniversary! It seems like just yesterday that you and Tripper met. Please do not count how many years it has been since that day.... it will make you (and me) feel very old. LOVE YOU!!!


holly said...

thanks, everyone!

lol, kit! we met in september of 1989. that's 18 years! how old do you feel now?! love you, too!