January 15, 2008


scott and ashley, my brother- and sister-in-law, gave us this great equestrian bottle opener from red envelope as one of our christmas gifts. isn't it lovely?!? they thought it would be great to use during our annual derby party and i couldn't agree more. it's so nicely made and really solid. we're trying to figure out the perfect place to display it for the other 364 days in the year!


kconnick said...

that IS perfect for your party!!!! what a great gift! k

We Are Not Martha said...

Awww SO cute!! I want one now :)

cami said...

LOVE red envelope! what a great gift!!

k altmix said...

so thoughtful! and although i'm sure matt has congratulated tripper, my congratulations to you!

karey m. said...

nothing new lately?

you have tons of readers who worry when you're away like this!

hope all is well.