January 4, 2008

i scream you scream


how fabulous is this cuisipro ice cream scoop and stack? it's so fun! i love the ice cream cylinders this scooper makes. the possibilities are endless! now, where are the pickles? ;)

image from wrapables.


A Novelist said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and here is to 2008 being the best year yet! :)

joleen said...

oh my goodness- i definitely need this!! :)

Vanessa Cavaco said...

wow I love this...have to go get it

Kelley Lee Gin said...

Hi Holly! This is my first time on your BLOG! Love all the awesome finds. I've been looking for a stylish ice cream scooper. I just bought 2 of these! Kelley Lee Gin