February 25, 2008

new desk?


since the little twinks will be taking over my home office soon, i need to figure out a new work-at-home situation. (we weren't able to sell our condo, so we're staying put for now. that lovely townhouse will have to wait!) i'm thinking the best option is to try to squeeze my home office into our bedroom. the best spot for it is in a corner that happens to be all window. i'm thinking a glass and metal corner desk would be ideal—it would match the windows and not add a heaviness/crowded feel to the room. what do you think of this one from west elm—the cadman workstation? it configures into a corner desk with all the right pieces.

anybody else know of a great resource for corner desks made of glass?

ps—not sure if it's hard to tell by this photo, but this is the corner. we'd move the chair and the short armoire out and replace with the desk. thoughts?


the other way we could go is to replace that armoire with a computer armoire instead. anyone know where to get a simple, modern one of those???


Leslie said...

hey holly! i think a glass table is a must, you're right. what about using just the first section (on the left of photo) of the desk in front of the window and getting a bookshelf/armoire combo where the short dresser is. that way you won't have too much furniture in that corner and you'll be able to hide-a-store all sorts of filings/mags/etc in the shelving unit! looks like you hit up westelm already...that would've been my first sugg. no help, huh?

Ashley said...

I had my eye on a fabulous modern office armoire at Ballard Designs a while back but I just went to look for it for you and can't find it! That's not to say I don't love the desk you pictured. I do! The only drawback is that it doesn't afford much (or any) storage space.... There are plenty of storage options out there though. Good luck getting re-situated!

Things That Inspire said...

I am looking for a desk too. There are some big office furniture stores in town, one of which is on Buford Highway near 285, and they have a surprisingly big selection of great desks. So does Castelberry Office Furniture, which is off of Peachtree Industrial.

I am sure you have considered the Virginia Highland area as a possible place to live...so walkable and charming. Not sure what the prices are like, though.

beth said...

Love the glass desk. You have such excellent taste!

Joe said...

I have the rolling drawer unit that the wife wants me to get ride of if you want it. No charge-actually I owe Tripper $10. No damage and it matches perfectly. Im in buckhead.