March 2, 2008

crib notes

looking for cribs for the twinkies has been quite a daunting ordeal. since i've been on bedrest and restricted activity, we *thought* we had found the perfect crib by looking online. it was the right dose of modern and simplicity and we loved it! well, thursday night, tripper had to run over to lenox to get something for his mac. while he was there, he popped into a store that had cribs (not the crib) of similar dimensions—58 long x 30 wide x 47 high. he said the crib was HUGE—much taller than he ever expected—and to have two of them in a small room might be a mistake. needless to say, i spent friday scouring online for shorter cribs. i found one that looked good—great actually— but it was only 35 inches high. that's like up to your belly button. that seemed awfully low, right? so there we were on friday night, stuck in the middle of two sizes and feeling very much like goldilocks.

saturday morning i woke up super early. i started my quest again and stumbled upon a store called b. braithwaite that carried a lot of the modern brands i'd been pondering over online. and *bonus* it wasn't very far from our house! so when tripper woke up, we decided to take a ride over. the store, from what we could tell, wasn't a huge super store so we thought it would be ok for me to go. i am so glad we did!! the store was gorgeous! and chaffee, the owner, was brilliant! we looked at lots of cribs and found the perfect one for our twinkies!


it's called the loom crib by nurseryworks and we picked "snow on snow" which is all white. it was designed by an architect and has perfectly simple lines. it's sweet and modern and perfect. the dimensions are spot on—53.5(l) x 31(w) x 39.5(h). not too short, not too tall. just right for our space. (goldilocks, see?) we ordered two and they should be in in a few weeks!

now here comes the best part. i was so excited we'd found the perfect crib that i called my parents on the way home. i was describing everything and my mom surprised us by saying that she and my dad wanted to buy them for us. can you believe it??? MY PARENTS ARE BUYING THE CRIBS!!! we are so excited!! we told them of course they didn't have to do that, but they really wanted to—and who are we to argue, right? so to celebrate, i splurged and ordered the way-too-expensive glider i've had my eye on—the nurseryworks sleepytime rocker—in lime green. yay!

thank you so much mom and dad. we know the twinkies will love your gift as much as we do!


Jessica N. Condatore said...

How cute! Congrats!!!

Bree said...

holly! i am so glad you're back, i've been missing your posts!

p.s. i love that you call the babies the little twinkies!

Susan D. said...

I love it - very simple and clean. we are expecting twins in August, so we are also trying to figure out how to squeeze 2 cribs into a long & narrow room! Love the "twinkies" name as well. So cute & so much better than Baby A & Baby B! Best of luck!

Kim said...

Hey Holly! I love reading all about your twinkies! I don't know if Julie told you but we are expecting as well in August.

You've also been tagged. If you want to share 5 things you have discovered about pregnancy that might be fun too! check out my blog for more details.

Take care of yourself!!!

Audrey said...

What a cute crib. I remember looking and looking for the perfect crib. Of course then we needed the perfect sheets :)

BeachHouseBingo said...

You are right, the perfect crib is only waiting for the perfect linens. You might want to check out this site:

Crib Linens from Elegant Linens

The embroidered linens are so adorable - I can't wait until I can buy some for my future grandchildren. (yes, I'm hoping!) Plus, this store offers monogramming, I love that. Enjoy.

Maryam in Marrakesh said...

ooooh, these are so nice and fresh. And some seriously sweet parents!