March 17, 2008

for sale


as we make room for babies, we're going to have to do a lot of selling. here's the first piece we have for sale! my new home office is now in its spot—yes my whole home office now fits in the spot this took up—so it has to go. :(

if you know of anyone looking for an armoire, or pretty much anything else, please send them our way!! we'll have lots in the coming days.

here's a link to our posting on craigslist. there is some damage to the back and top—pictures of the wounds are on the listing—i don't like ugly things on holly's plate!



caroline said...

hope all is ok after friday's storms!

Jessi said...

We just moved to ATL area and need some new furniture...I have forwarded to my husband and will let you know. Also, let me know what else you might have.

holly said...

welcome to atlanta, jessi! i hope you love it here!

upcoming, i know we'll have a washer/dryer, desk, a few chairs, a dresser and perhaps a couch (haven't decided on that one just yet).

good luck and keep in touch!