March 23, 2008

tall order

i've always dreamed of having a 5-foot-tall giraffe in the nursery. i must have seen it in a movie or something. anyway, on saturday that dream came true! we went to cute-as-ever baby shop b. braithwaite and found the perfect one! and, tripper bought it for me!! well, for the twinkies, really!! it adds some great height to the room, which is finally starting to come together in my mind. when it comes together in real life, i'll be sure to post some pictures!

so, i'm trying to think of a cute name for him/her. any ideas?


kristy said...

have you figured out a color scheme for your babies' room? would love to hear/see some of your ideas!

Mrs.Preppy said...

I love the giraffe! I hope you are enjoying being pregnant with the twins. I have twin brothers and it is great. I have always wanted twins, as well!

Claire said...

I love naming things. Ideas for your giraffe:
- Bartholomew
- Horton
- Claude
- Ernie
- Leopold

He's cute!

Anonymous said...

I think it's a girl giraffe a nanny when you aren't there.

I like ...


Love you and can't wait to hold the twinks!

Anonymous said...

sorry ...this is brittany! :)