April 25, 2008

it's friday, baby!

so for this next post, you're going to have to use your imagination a little bit. tripper and i have big ideas for the nursery walls, but i wanted to fake them in photoshop before we did any purchasing. your feedback is greatly appreciated!!

here are our ideas:


1. a wall of photos. (above)
what do you think about this grid? we're planning to take black and white photos of all the twins' stuffed animal friends (not just the duck) and i'll have green mats cut to fit each frame.

2. airplane. (still above)
we like the idea of something hanging from the ceiling above the rocker. what do you think of this airplane? would it look better with two of something instead?


3. shelves.
we want to center the monkey painting and put up four shelves—two on each side—to display some of the cute things we've gotten and some family pictures. the shelves will extend out past the dresser, but i think that'll be ok.



Anonymous said...

I think the idea of photographing all the stuffed toys in a wall arrangement sounds fun. I think it looks great! I love that green color.

Kim said...

I like the photographs! I love the green. I think 2 of something about the rocker would be lovely. I think it would be more balanced.. I love the shelves.

Mrs.Preppy said...

I love option 1. Good luck with the rest of the nursery.

Funky Finds said...

it looks lovely!

Preppy Engineer said...

We did airplanes in one of my son's room when he was little. I think I would go for at least two airplanes and hang them at different heights.

Nicole O'Dell said...

Hey Holly, I've been reading through this blog and I love it. Just wanted to tell you1 :)

holly said...

thanks everyone, and thanks, nicole!! i was hoping to keep this blog from turning totally baby, but that's where my head is right now!! hopefully once the twinkies come i'll get back to my regular daily posting instead of like twice a week. and it will return to lots of neat finds that aren't all nursery related!

kpaull said...

check out the origami cranes made into a simple mobile for above the chair- looks fantastic and you can make them yourself with any fabulous paper you want. www.jordanferney.blogspot.com

do "crane mobile" in the search box, and you should find it!

casapinka said...

I really love the idea of photographing the stuffed animals and the airplane looks great. I would keep the shelves to one color, though. Can't wait to see the finished product!

ms. spinach said...

i also love the airplane and the frames (although I also love the idea of hanging a mobile, which is just a little more light and airy -- have you ever looked at flensted's quirky mobiles? they have lots and lots of amazing animal ones that might be perfect.)

i agree the shelves seem just a bit off. the monkey painting is so big and awesome it really deserves a wall to itself -- the shelving is kind of distracting. still, if it's the only option, then i'd have to agree to keep them the same color. white would probably be best (to match the frames).

holly said...

thanks for your thoughts, everyone!! the shelves are actually on the wall now (you'll have to wait until next friday to see!!). they look great! i stayed with the chocolate and white because that was my way of tying everything together (white cribs, chocolate dresser). i think it worked out perfectly.

now though we're rethinking the wall of frames. they would have gone up yesterday as well, but only half of them arrived. the rest are supposed to get here monday. anyway, we're thinking instead we should go for one large-format photo to avoid having too many bits and pieces in the room. we don't want it to look cluttered. thoughts?

BeachHouseBingo said...

I love the monkey and the giraffe! Have you chosen crib linens yet? because I saw some that would totally go with the jungle animals - it's called "On Safari" by Gordonsbury, and I saw it at this site: ElegantLinensPC.com. It comes in green, too - should match everything perfectly. Hope you like it.

drey said...

i LOVE idea #1! airplanes are a great idea too, esp if you can find a vintage one!!!!

cahou said...

hi holly! i love your blog! i saw this over on ohdeedoh and thought of you...the JC Penney Picasso Wall Decor. it is uber modern yet baby chic and would look great over your rocker (imo).


i love your idea of framing the stuffed animals. i don't think it'll look too hodge-podge and it will give that wall more character than a single large format frame would. plus, as the twinkies get older you can replace those photos with their artwork, family/friend photos, etc without changing (or adding a huge cost) to the project.

Preppy Engineer said...

I am tagging you for a 6 quirky things meme...see my site for details!

I love following your journey getting ready for the twins.

Michelle@Everyday Celebrating said...

Love the grid! And the airplane is a great idea! The twins will really love having that to focus on.

And is that a tv by the rocker? Smart move!!!! How many times did I wish I had entertainment on the days all my son wanted was to be held all day.

Beautiful room!

Christiane Price said...

Such a precious room! I love the idea of the black and white photos of the children's animals! How original.
And I love the fun green color!
Good luck with the bed rest. I was on bed rest for 3 months with both my pregnancies! Make lots of lists!