April 9, 2008

work, sweet work


just wanted to post a picture of my new home office space. it's much smaller than before, but it's sweet and cute and functional, so weeeeeeee for me! we got the desk—called the jay desk—at west elm and it fits on the wall perfectly. it has a hide-a-way desk that rolls out from underneath so it nearly doubles in size when i'm using it. we also had to get a new desk chair (in chocolate leather) without arms so it could tuck under. it's very similar to my old one, so that makes me a happy little worker bee. also, i had to downsize my computer set up. no more cinema display for me! before you go feeling too sorry for me about that, don't!! i got to get a brand new iMac and it is lovely!!

the space isn't quite finished yet, but it's coming along. i'll be sure to post pics again when it's all done!!

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westlake village office space said...

that is a great idea! i would love to do something like that soon in my house, i think its lovely!!

Great job!! Good on ya!