March 10, 2006

ed's chair

this is my dog ed's chair.

it didn't used to be his. it used to be mine ... a lovely little chair with an ottoman to match. now it's a disgusting mess. here's the back story: i always bought cute, monogrammed dog beds for ed. you know the kind. red toile or burberry plaid with his name in contrasting lowercase letters. *too cute!*. i learned early on that ed shreds beds. he's never touched anything else in the house, but give him a dog bed and he goes to town. maybe it's the cedar inside? anyway, after shelling out hundreds and hundreds in new dog beds, i finally put my foot down. i stopped buying them. and ed adopted the chair. it's been his for about two years now. he loves it. the trouble is, i don't. i'm not really sure what to do about it. it's so icky now that it doesn't go with anything. i'm thinking about replacing the chair with a new dog bed, but given his history, i'm hestitant. does anyone out there have a solution for me? he's 120 pounds, so it needs to be big, whatever it is. please, let me know!

1 comment:

Tuatha242 said...

If Ed loves his bed, i'd just get
him another cover for the chair:) I think it's cute. only a non dog lover wouldn't understand.