March 10, 2006

shopping at the shawmut

i used to live in a fantastic old building in washington dc called the shawmut. i loved it because of the location (sandwiched in between dupont circle and adams morgan), because of the dogs (one of few dog-friendly buildings in the city), and because of the people (hi guys!). the people definitely made it fun. one of the things the people did there was set up a "shop" in the scary laundry room. the "shop" consisted of several rows of shelving (filled with the most random display of stuff ever) and a hand-written sign that said "shopping at the shawmut." basically the idea was that if you had an item you no longer wanted, but just couldn't imagine throwing away, you put it here. all items placed on the shelves were free for the taking. free! you'd see everything from books to shoes to toasters plus more bric-a-brac than in your grandma's attic. on these shelves is where i found my clock. it's fantastic. it still works. and it was free!

behind the clock are a few pieces tripper and i picked up here and there. the jockey is an antique we found for $45 at the upper west side flea market across from the lovely isabella's in new york. i'm not a huge fan of antiques, but that one just sorta stole my heart. the three glass candle holders (which house our collection of matchbooks from fabulous places) we found in a great westside atlanta store called bungalow. (love it there!) these treasures live on our bathroom counter. we have grand plans for that space. we want to create a collection there. tons of random stuff (not unlike shopping at the shawmut) all living happily together. in the bathroom. stay tuned for updates!

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