March 8, 2006

heavenly bed

don't you just love a freshly made bed? crisp white sheets (ok, a little crinkled), lots of pillows and a fantastic duvet? yes, please! a few years ago, restoration hardware offered a line of italian bee bedding. i adored it! unfortunately, i waited too long trying to decide if it was something i absolutely couldn't live without and it became discontinued. then, out of nowhere, they brought it back! *yay!* having learned my lesson once, i did not waste any time. i'm happy to report that a lovely blue set lives right on my very own bed! pssssst ... hurry home, t. our heavenly bed just isn't when you're not here!

p.s. note to dog owners: that tray sitting on the bed is one of the best ideas i ever had. i picked it up at either west elm or crate and barrel (can't remember which, but both carry a version) on sale for like $15. anyway, i put it on the bed and my dog, ed, stays off the bed. clever girl!

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tripperpalooza said...

know what's better than a freshly made bed? a freshly made bed freshly made by someone other than me!