March 26, 2006

tennis, anyone?

i have a tennis match this morning. i love how that sounds, like i know what i'm doing or something. actually, this is my second time playing. ever! alta c8s! anyway, i'll be posting a little later. i have a treat for you ... even better than these cupcakes. yesterday, before my mom and i went shopping, i took some pictures of the fun things at my parents' house. i always thought my mom and i had a very different style, but looking at those pictures made me realize we are very much alike. *gulp!*

in the meantime, i'd like to leave you with this, from heather b. armstrong's it's perhaps the cutest series of pictures ever. i don't think ... even if she had planned this out for hours and hours, brainstormed a concept, made storyboards and even sat the subjects down to explain what she wanted ... that this series could have turned out better. it's life. and she captured it brilliantly. enjoy!

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