March 26, 2006

field trip: meet the parents

here is the post i promised earlier ... a few bits and pieces from my parents' house taken yesterday ...

this sign hangs over the dressing area in the master bathroom. it greets my mom each day as she puts on her makeup, dries, flat irons, then curls her hair. it's the perfect morning companion, no matter what your mood. sometimes it's sarcastic. sometimes it's sentimental. but it's always there ready and waiting to help jumpstart the day. well that, and the coffee.

who knew the isty bitsy spider was made of crystal and brass? well, this one is! he's lived with my parents since i can remember. he always crawls up the wall, usually near a light switch.

this mini-chandy is a new addition to my parents' house. the picture doesn't do it justice. it's all gleaming and sparkly and adds just the right punch at the top of the staircase. it's unexpected there, so naturally i love it! my dad actually had to string all those crystals. great job, dad!

here's the vase that my mom has that i copied. she is really good at keeping it full of beautiful fresh cut flowers. i think she said these are mums? i, on the other hand, still have not found the time to make it over to costco and my vase remains empty. maybe this week someone will throw me a few extra minutes!

this is the cactus that sits on the back of the oven in the kitchen. where is the cactus? it died. but the pot is so cute that it remains perched atop the stove.

and finally, the much loved beaded ball. yesterday when i was over there, this ball actually looked not unlike a cat toy. it was nothing more than a hanging ball of twine. we picked up some amber beads and sequin pins while we were out yesterday and my mom (and by mom i mean dad) turned it into a little masterpiece. this is actually the cord you pull to get the attic stairs to drop out of the ceiling. it turned out fabulous, mom and dad! snap! snap! snap!

p.s. in case you were wondering, we lost our tennis match. we actually got schooled. but don't feel bad. our team won overall, so it's all smiles here!

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