April 15, 2006

almost famous?

ok, so this has nothing to do with a well-designed life, but it's fun ...


yesterday during lunch, my little friend jenny and i drove across town to try to be cast as extras in the new matthew mcconaughey movie, we are marshall. it was jenny's idea and she made me go with her. it was definitely an experience! we have never laughed so hard. anyway, these are our mug, er, head shots. i think jenny has a really good chance ... the film is set in the 70s and they're looking for long-haired, natural college-types. they also want people ranged in age from 18-100, so jenny thinks i have a shot too. we'll keep you posted!


Jenny said...

I think Jenny McConaughy has a fantastic ring to it!

Joe Wagner said...

I think if you marry Matthew McConaughey, you have to be able to clear a 12' bong.