April 15, 2006

basket of fun!

speaking of jenny ... this is her first easter away from home. here's a little backstory. when i worked at the post in washington dc, jenny was twice my intern. we stayed in contact while she was back at school and became quite close. when she was about to graduate, we just so happened to have a postion open at weather. she applied and the rest, as they say, is history! i love having jenny with me in atlanta. it's like having a little piece of the post in the cube next door. it's also like having a little sister, which to an only child is a lovely feeling.

so, as i was saying, this is jenny's first easter away from home. about a month ago, she confided in me that she would really miss getting her easter basket this year. we decided on the spot to make them for each other. this is the one i made for her.

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Jenny said...

Don't I have the cutest big sister ever!