April 1, 2006

couture cards

while my mom and i were out and about today, we wandered into the neatest shop ...

it's called chickweeds and they have *the best* selection of cards i have ever seen. i bought a bunch today. they're adorable! i'm keeping the, "it's good to be queen," one for me. it's so cute for framing! i also got tripper's birthday card (the blurry one in the background) as well as a birthday card for tripper's mom, and easter cards for the whole family. i can't wait to go back!


holly said...

chickweeds is at the forum shopping center in norcross.

Jasmine said...

These cards are so cute. I went on their website and couldnt find any though =(

holly said...


the cards are jenny sweeney designs and you can find them online here: http://www.jennysweeneydesigns.com/js/collection.aspx?p1=greeting&p2=bestsellers&p3=null

ps ... they're even cuter in person than they are in the pictures!