April 3, 2006

a little teapot

according to my british mum, every stove top should have a tea kettle. she would remind me of this whenever she'd visit and see the bare burners in my kitchen. but that is no more! i was never opposed to having a teapot on the stove, it's just that i couldn't seem to find the right one. back in the middle of march, one found me! i was reading my favorite blog, design*sponge, and i saw the most adorable teapot made by beehouse. i immediately fell in love with the soft color, the lines and the simplicity. i knew i had to have it. with a little help from d*s and rena (owner of rare device), i was able to order the piece. it arrived this weekend and it's even more beautiful than i could have imagined! c'mon over, i'll put the kettle on!


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