April 29, 2006

field trip: new york {day one}

we've been in new york for a full day now and would you believe i haven't bought anything yet?!? what's wrong with me??? i'm thinking it's a small case of sensory overload. i will beat it today. after a fantastic lunch with my friend jen at the famous condé nast cafeteria (i can't believe i didn't have the camera with me for that one ... wow!), we walked all throughout soho and the west village yesterday.

isn't this directory fabulous? it's so artful. it would look great on a wall back in my condo at home in atlanta. this is what i love so much about new york. unexpected fabulousness. i mean, they simply could have done the standard directory you see at dental offices and medical buildings and malls, but no ... they did this. it's lovely. a special thanks to the bayard building doorman for letting us in to take a picture.

tripper snapped this next picture. it's simple and i love it. it's so new york to me. sleek and gritty. functional and beautiful.


stay tuned for field trip: new york {day two} coming up tomorrow. hopefully i'll have purchases! ok, i will have purchases!


susan said...

i love this bottom photo! and i am sure you have found something to buy by now? have a great trip!

mcaplan said...

Thats so funny! That directory is in the lobby of the building my husband used to work in! Thats where he was working when we met!
What a small world!

holly said...

i love that small world stuff!