April 8, 2006

last one in is a rotten egg!

so jenny, ashley from ohio and i hit the dogwood arts festival today, which of course made me a *very* happy girl. what made me even happier was finding this! isn't it fantastic? it's by an artist called john hartung. his photographs are wonderful. they contain that little something unexpected that i love. the piece i bought is from a series called the intimate lives of eggs. check out john's work at www.artthatsmiles.com or go to the dogwood festival tomorrow and see his work in person. he's a pleasure and i'm so glad i got to meet him.

ps ... to see jenny's favorite hartung piece, look at "bird's eye view." it's not an egg, but i promise you will smile!

1 comment:

John Hartung said...

Hi Holly,

I was just browsing the internet under my name and came across your blog. Thank you for the very nice comments and the publicity. I'll be at Dogwood again this year, hope to see you there :-)