April 10, 2006

the walker

this painting is our pièce de résistance. it's a walker. an *original* walker. tripper and i love to have people over to see it. it hangs just around the corner from the front door, the only piece on the wall. isn't it lovely? you're speechless, aren't you?

most people are when we show it to them. the truth is, it's so awful they don't know what to say. they stand there looking a bit awkward and then realize we're totally joking. i can never decide if it's the white honda civic that gives it away, or our faces trying so, so hard not too laugh. *ha!*

a little over a year ago, tripper and i had the very good fortune of finding the walker on a curb in virginia highlands. you know the saying, "one man's trash ..."? well, we definitely treasure it. it provides hours of enjoyment and really makes my mom mad. we call it "the walker" because that's what the signature says. the first name is illegible, but the last is clear. w-a-l-k-e-r. we had it framed in that museum-style frame so it looks important. all that's missing is the spotlight!

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