May 18, 2006

bella bean couture

ok. so this is a scary story with a happy ending that could turn into a fabulous ending if i can get tripper to go along. here goes ... two nights ago, tripper was taking ed out for the last walk of the night. we live in a high rise, so that involves getting into the elevator, which ed loves. as the elevator started moving, tripper noticed that ed had his face right smack dab up against the elevator door. not normal for ed. he's usually jumping around like a crazy man. tripper realized that ed made it in the elevator, but his leash did not. in a moment of sheer panic, tripper grabbed ed's leash ... 1-inch thick leather ... and tore it in two. he saved my baby from being choked. that's the scary part (yes, i'm having nightmares) as well as the happy ending (eddie is chipper and healthy and doesn't seem to remember at all). now, for the fabulous part ... ed needs a new leash.

i'm loving this one from bella bean couture. tripper says no to my favorite polka dot, but maybe he'll go for one of these other cuties, as featured in my new blueprint magazine (p. 31). perhaps the preppy stripe?


top image from me, middle image from bella bean couture, bottom from blueprint magazine


Jenny said...

I'm glad ed's ok. Get the polka dots!

Linda B said...

Kudos to Tripper for saving the ed. That might be worth checking the security tape in the building to see just how he managed the whole thing.

Anonymous said...

just in case it happens again, you probably should NOT get's not breakable and horses with nylon halters get their legs stuck in the bottom part of the halter all the time, thus breaking a leg. leather is always best.

holly said...

wow. good to know. thank you!!