May 22, 2006

let ed eat cake

happy 7th birthday, ed! we love you, bubbaloo!

cake from, image © dianne coburn 2005.


Jenny said...

Felice Compliani Ed!

Funky Finds said...

Oh I adore this dog party site! I had to post it on my blog!!! I can't wait to utilize it. I recently took my chihuahua to a dog birthday party. They had Frosty Paws (frozen dog treats like ice cream). She didn't much care for them, but if one of the other dogs got near her's she was there snarling at them! Very tacky indeed. Love your other posts too.

janine (holly's work bud) said...

Bappy Hirthday big ed you sweet old man!
woof, woof, woof, arp, yap woof aroooo.