June 10, 2006

"4" mum

i just finished my fourth (and fifth) "bumbleeknees +" project. the first i made for the surprise mystery craft challenge. i had so much fun and the response was so nice, i decided to make more! the second i kept for myself. the third was a birthday present for my lovely friend olga. the fourth, above, is for my mum. she wanted the colors to match her home so i picked brown, green, white and silver. i think she'll love it! the fifth, which i finished for my friend britt britt, is really cute. i'll post it later as i haven't given it to her yet and don't want to spoil the surprise. i think it captures her perfectly though ... cute, classic and a little crazy!

update: sunday night. i gave my mum #4 this afternoon and she loved it! i know she loved it because she had my dad hang it right away. look!


Phinney said...

so so so cute!!! i love all of your stuff. found your link thru, oh, i dunno - joleen's probably!


missellz said...

I love the cardboard flower cut out. I work with cardboard a lot, now why I didn't I think of that.