June 8, 2006

buttoned up

i popped into binders art store after work today and bought a bucket-o-buttons. hopefully i'll have time to do that fabulous button bouquet project this weekend. i didn't like the look of the plastic bucket the buttons came in, so i transferred them all into a long, glass vase. lovely.

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decor8 said...

ooooooooooooo i am soooo jealous as i'm looking for buttons like that!
i purchased 3 glass jars, short and fat, with silver screw on lids, from target. in one, i plan to put colorful buttons, in the other, spools of old thread and in the other ribbons or lace or yarn perhaps, or some of my european stamps... i'm going to arrange them on a shelf in my art/sew studio space in my home. i have been looking for buttons like these, i need to scout some out tomorrow in a few local antique stores... this post got me thinking - I need to get on it!