June 17, 2006

no. 5

this is the {bumbleknees plus} i made for my friend britt's birthday present. i finally was able to give it to her and she loved it! she's moving into a new apartment next weekend with her honey and said this will be the first thing she hangs. happy me! here are the first, second, third, and fourth in the series if you're interested. no. 6 is next, so stay tuned.

ps ... my surprise mystery craft challenge swap partner, marie, received hers! it arrived safely and now hangs in her kitchen ... in bath (england)! *yay*

1 comment:

Britt said...

Hi Holly...I miss you so! We'll have to find time to catch up when I return from NJ in a couple weeks. I wanted to let you know that my "oneofakind" Holly piece was hung last night near my bar, in my kitchen. The deep red looks lovely with my creamy coffe walls. Reminds me of good friends in ATL! Hope all is well...and see you soon!