June 16, 2006

who what where wood

i like things with a story. i like this piece, but i don't know its story. it's a gorgeous sculpture of wood, about two inches in size, and i received it as a gift. sadly, i don't know a thing about it. there are markings on the bottom, but i can't really make them out. any ideas? anyone? bueller?



Charlie said...

I stumbled upon you while searching for Terra Cottage's website (sadly, none, apparently). What a neat blog! So much great stuff. I just returned from the Chelsea Horticulture and Garden Show in London, which you would have found fascinating given all that I see here! I would also steer you toward a shop called Anteks in Atlanta, although a bit more rustic than what you might enjoy, there are some great finds. Take care-

Charlie, Columbia, SC

holly said...

hi charlie! i'm delighted you found me! thank you so much for the tip ... i love exploring new stores. i will try to check out anteks this weekend.

you take care, too.

Romina Bacci said...

i have no idea of what it is { sorry... } but i do like it sooo much, the wood, the metal, the earthy colors

Anonymous said...

Hi Holly,
It looks like a vintage cork that has been embellished. the writing could be a date of some great event.

Jenny said...

miss you bella!

Anonymous said...

Ithink it's a 12th century dildo...cheers