June 21, 2006

the proof is in the plant

this is the plant my friend janine gave me when i left the weather channel. it's still living! i wasn't sure if she'd believe me if i just said so, so here is proof. i should have put today's newspaper in there to show the date. anyway, this is one of my favorite spots in our place.

1 ... there's a vibrant, green, lovely plant there.
2 ... said plant lives on top of a stack of color-coordinated books.
3 ... my favorite green frog pin sits atop a mold of my very own teeth.

strange? yes. silly? i know. but hey, that's me.


janine (holly's work bud) said...

Ok, I didn't comment on the baby birds (though I should have) but you know I couldn't let this pass.
Don't forget regular "hair" cuts and It could probably use a bigger pot. I am very proud of you that you've kept it thiving!

erin t said...

Is the mold of your teeth from getting braces? I am currently wearing braces and was wondering just the other day whether they would give me the mold of my teeth when my orthodontic treatment is all done. I thought it was a weird thought, until seeing your post today!

holly said...

the mold is from having my teeth whitened. they use it to make the trays that hold the gel. i have no idea why i asked to have it, but they were more than happy to give it to me.

Kit said...

Loof, I am so proud of you keeping that plant alive! When you give it "hair" cuts, you can make baby plants... just trim a piece, drop it in a glass/vase of water. You will soon see roots and it will be ready to plant in it's own pot. Good luck!