August 21, 2006

pop life

my international magazine swap partner, sabine, requested for her swap a copy of domino and a magazine called pop life. i had never heard of pop life, but after a quick peek online, i'm in pop love! just look!

images from pop life.


Funky Finds said...

were you able to get a copy of this magazine? i looked for it yesterday @ barnes & noble. they said they only received 2 copies when it came out in june (i believe that's when it was) & since it's quarterly they wouldn't get anymore in. wah!

holly said...

i haven't gone to look yet ... planning on going today after work. i was going to check out borders, which is right by my house. if i see them, want me to pick one up for you?

sabinebrandt said...

Hi Holly, looking forward to have the magazine::swap!