November 13, 2006

pass the pigs

a trotter, a snouter and a leaning jowler? all part of the crazy fun party game ... called pass the pigs ... we learned this weekend at the sky lounge. instead of rolling dice, you roll two incredibly cute little pink pigs. you win or lose points (and drinks) depending on how they land. get some (they'd be the perfect stocking stuffer) and go, um, hog wild!

images from the cambridge university tiddlywinks club.


Jenny said...

I want to play!

hiphostess said...

this is too funny!!

I know it's a little late, but I wanted to let you know that I finally posted on some wine & cheese party products today if you still want to check them out :)

susan said...

this is one of our favorite games! a friend gave us this 10 years ago and we have enjoyed passing the pigs at most every holiday gathering!
glad to see someone else is into the little porkers!