November 13, 2006

six delightful drawers

i mentioned a while back that i was about to embark on a dresser-hunting mission. well, after searching high and low, i found it. it actually came to me in the form of a west elm catalog. yesterday, i went to see it in person. it's wonderful! it's exactly like the dresser above, except in the chocolate finsh instead of the acorn. (you can see it in this picture, squeezed there into the upper right corner.) it's truly perfect. not too big, not too small. unfortunately, west elm is out of stock. they are getting more in this week, so this weekend i'll have a new member in my furniture family.

image from west elm.

ps ... while at west elm, i stumbled upon a new open-air market. each weekend from 9am to 3pm they'll be setting up the tents at the atlantic station market. fun! and for all you crafters and artists, a tent for the day is only $50! details are on their site.


Chelsea said...

I've been eyeing the same dresser!! I think I want the acorn finish though. You'll have to let me know how it holds up once you get it home. Love your blog, by the way.

holly said...

i love it. they have the acorn in stock. lucky!

David I said...

do you my asking, how much did you pay for that dresser?