November 17, 2006


a few weeks ago, tripper made me watch a documentary on the architect frank gehry. i'm not really a fan, well i can't decide, but i was amazed to see how his scribbly little sketches, which took him no more than 10 seconds to create, turned into buildings that looked quite like them. anyway, i've been on a 10-second sketch kick lately and thought i'd share. today's topic: dresses. i couldn't figure out the feet so i hid them with flowers.


Erin T said...

Those sketches are adorable. You are a really talented illustrator - have fun with it!
My husband (he's an architect) hasn't talked me into sitting through that Gehry documentary yet. I have mixed feelings about him as well (Frank G., not my hubby!)

holly said...


the documentary was actually pretty interesting. the buildings are, too, but i still don't know if i like them!

Anonymous said...

Have you seen Isaac Mizrahi sketch on his show? It's amazing how fast he does it and yours remind me of his. Really cute!