January 10, 2007

jenni hopkins designs

i so wish i had seen the beautiful work of jenni hopkins last month when i was searching and searching and searching for monograms! ah well, better late than never, right? jenni is an amazing talent, a maker of hand-embroidered pillows and custom paintings, who was displaced by hurricane katrina. she lost her portfolio and almost everything else and yet she still manages to make things that make the world a prettier place. check out her etsy shop right here. custom orders also available through her web site.

ps ... thank you to new friend pinkmohair for sending me this find!

image from jenni hopkins designs.


kstyle said...

Yep, we definitely would have scored with jenni for the scramble. Have actually come across several realy good ones since. Maybe I've just trained my eye but they seem to be everywhere now.k

holly said...

i know, right!?! if we do another scramble next year, i have jenni's site bookmarked and ready!

Miss Beaux said...

I think it is time for another contest!!