January 9, 2007

my point of view

this is the view from my bed, where i'd like to stay today. it's what i see if i turn my head to the left. look! you can kind of see the chandelier in the mirror's reflection. below is the view if i turn my head right. (hi eddie!) at least the sun is out and shining brightly today. that oughta lift my spirits! i'll take it as a sign of good things to come, that and the fact that an sec team won the national championship last night. snap!



Jenny said...

i love seeing your feet in one of the pictures! love you bella

holly said...

and those are my feet! love you, too, bella!

Jessica Nell said...

what a pretty, pristine bedroom!

BINO said...

hahaha your dog make me laught!
He seems to wonder what the hell are you doing with this camera, the sun shines let's go outside!