February 1, 2007

anthropologie thursday

whoops! sorry i'm late! i hate it when real work gets in the way. anyhoo, here is today's anthropologie thursday pick! the fairy forest cake stand is something i've been wanting to feature for some time now, but i haven't been sure (and still am not quite) that it will show up! (can you see it?) in person, this cake plate is gorgeous. spectacular even. i can totally imagine a light pink frosted cake ... the 7-inch kind ... perched on top and waiting to be sliced! yum!

image from anthropologie.

UPDATE: jade over at craving anthropologie is having an awesome anthropologie give away. pop over to her site to enter. hurry though ... the last day to sign up is friday, feb. 2. winner will be announced monday. fun!


kstyle said...

oooh not only does it show up but I want it. k

jade said...

Hi Holly..I know you're an Anthro fan so I wanted to tell you I'm having a 'little' ANTHROPOLOGIE give away tomorrow!!

holly said...

oh hooray! i'll pop right over and check it out!! thanks, jade!