February 2, 2007

itty bitty bedside table

i'm on the hunt for a teeny, tiny bedside table for my side of the bed. it has to be small or else the drawers from my dresser will not be able to open. it also has to be functional ... to hold my eyeglasses and perhaps a book. it can totally fade away into the background ... i'm not looking to make a statement here. knowing these things, my mum phoned up yesterday with this find, the wesley accent table from bombay company. what do you think? i'm wondering if at 18-inches in diameter it may be too big, but i do like it. and on sale for $49 ... well, you can't beat that! i'm trying to think if it could go somewhere else if it doesn't work by the bed. perhaps by the leather chair in the office? hmmmmm.

another thought would be something like this barkley table from mitchell gold + bob williams. i love it, but i bet it's a fortune! it's more the proportions i'm looking for and it's really interesting. now if this one was $49, the search would be over!

images from bombay company and mitchell gold + bob williams.


Erin T said...

Hi Holly - I love that Barkley table too! Unfortunately, I've looked it up before and it was in the neighborhood of $400. That's not an awful price for an incredible looking side table, but since you are looking more for something functional that can "fade into the background" it would probably be more fun to spend $400 on a piece for your condo that will get more attention (or at least a Kate Spade bag...)
The Martini Pedestal table from Z Gallerie has similar dimensions to the Barkley table, except it is 2" higher. It has a clean, simple look, an extra shelf and it's on sale for $89 (click my name below for a link to the side table)
Have fun with your hunt!

kstyle said...

I love the first piece. For $49 I'd put it anywhere. k

casapinka said...

It's pretty hard to beat #1 for the price. I really like the beveled glass.

ALL THE BEST said...

Holly-I love the Barkely table. Why is it always the expensive ones we fall for???

Kerry said...

$49!? You can't pass that price up and it's lovely.

SLC said...

Here is another small side-table from Crate and Barrel that you might want to look at:
It's $199. I got one about 1 1/2 years ago and I LOVE it.