March 25, 2007

my bad

consider this my olive branch—a sunday post just for you! to make up for the fact that i did not post anything on friday (crazy day at work. oh, and did i mention it was crazy?), i fully intended to post all the great scores from the day of shopping with my mum that occurred yesterday. unfortunately, i did not buy a single thing for the house. *gasp!* i did buy this, this (in black), this, this and a great equestrian print tank/tunic with a braided leather belt that i can't find online—but nothing for our condo. my mum, on the other hand, found two fun things at west elm for their new place, which they'll be closing on in a month. snap! take a look:

the first item is actually the branch wall shelf above. it's on back order, but will be perfect for my mum's favorite collection when it comes in. i promise to post when it's up on the wall. you will love it.

next up, a small-scale sofa for the den. this one is not online, it's actually a testing item and is only in the atlanta store for a limited time to see how it sells. it's perfect. here is my mum feeling how soft it is.


and here is my mum, turning in her oscar-worthy performance we call zzzzzzzzzzzzzz. it's not a sleeper sofa, but there is a sleeper on the sofa!

i hope the rest of your weekend is great. see you manana!


Sylvie said...

Your Mum is beautiful!
And so is the sofa, hee hee. I like the low profile of the back. And that olive branch...she has such good taste.

** Terramia ** said...

Great post!
So pretty... and the furniture is nice too! (;