July 25, 2007

ed update

it's been brought to my attention (thanks, k!) that i never posted about ed's latest appointment. i'm so sorry! i have no excuse other than i've not been myself lately. so, the news is good and bad, mostly good. the biopsy of the healthy margin areas they took revealed no mast cells, so at the moment, ed is cancer free! yay! the bad news is that the tumor was a grade 2, meaning the cancer will likely come back. fingers crossed it doesn't. ed has a follow up appointment in a month. stay away cancer! anyway, for now i've decided to focus on the fact that he's cancer-free. also, his t-shirt comes off today! thanks again for all your well wishes! xox


K said...

That's wonderful news! I'm betting Eddie is happy to be free of his t-shirts, too:-).

Funky Finds said...

Stay away cancer is right! Hugs from me & Abby (my chihuahua)

SaraClarkDavis said...

I stumbled upon your blog a few months ago and make it a point to read it every so often. My thoughts go out to Ed. . .I have a lovable Lab named Pearl and I know it would be hard to go through that with her. On a side note, I love your blog and your decorating style!

DawnMarie said...

My thoughts are with Ed for a happy and healthy prognosis. I thoughts are also with you as I know it is difficult to be an animal owner and always wondering if you are doing all the right things. If only they could talk. Although I think my kitty may have some choice words for me at times when I tell her "no".

The Bishop's Wife said...

I hope you are feeding Ed organic home cooked food. So much cancer in pets come from commercial dog food (unless organic),plus toxic pesticides in flea treatments (the one drop method can be fatal and is physically very uncomfortable and system disrupting to your dog.)

I have a 10 year old black lab who eats nothing but organic lamb, peas and rice that I prepare for her weekly. The lamb is served raw for the best nutrients. She has been comprimised in her health since birth and is alive and well as can be due to organic food and two allergy shots a month. Pesticides and herbicides negatively affect pets, too. Hope you do not use any of these on your lawns and gardens. They contribute to pet illness hugely, not to even mention the risk to children.

I wish you and Ed well.

Best regards,
The Bishop's Wife

amber said...

hey, first time commenting but i've been keeping up with dear old ed. my love to him! my matty and my leeloo (both mutts!) send him their doggy love.