July 25, 2007

wishing & hoping: master bed

so if we get the new house (fingers crossed), we'll definitely need a bigger bed. our current bed, which i love, will look great in the new guest bedroom, but i think the scale is all wrong for the new master. i'm thinking we should definitely upgrade to a king size and really am liking the look of an upholstered bed. i know i'll have to sell tripper on this idea. he likes wood. i'm thinking upholstered is just a softer look. anyway, i realize the trend right now is the low, platform, but i prefer to sleep on a really high bed—not one so high you need a step stool—but high like the beds you see in restoration hardware.


K said...

I've been following your blog for awhile, Holly, and just wanted to check on Ed. He looks just like my golden, so I ooh and ahh everytime you post pics of him.

By the way, I love the bed you picked out and can't wait to see other ideas for furniture for the (hopefully) new house.

holly said...

oh my goodness! did i not post an ed update? i'll do that right now. thanks!

Erika-Nicole said...

Nice bed!!! I didn't read who it is designed by or where it can be purchased. Tell Ed I said hello.

Michelle said...

What a fabulous bedframe! (*drool*)!