July 25, 2007

wish list

a little over a month ago, tripper and i stumbled upon a great house. we liked it so much, we put our condo on the market to see what would happen. well, our condo is still for sale, so right now living in that house is only just a dream—a dream i think about a lot. the house is much bigger than our current address, so i've been putting together a list of items we'll need to purchase if (oh please let it be) we get to move in. the list is quite long—which makes me totally excited! here it is:
  • new master bed (our current bed and bedroom furniture will look beautiful in the new guest room—yay!).
  • new master bedroom furniture (dressers, chairs) plus fun lamps, pictures, etc.
  • dining room table and chairs.
  • tall bistro table to fit our barstools.
  • shorter barstools to fit the new counter height.
  • either two or four upholstered chairs to arrange conversation style.
  • a small coffee table to go between said chairs.
  • stand up piano.
  • new plasma tv—we'll likely leave ours at the condo.
  • deck furniture (and lots of it!)
well, that's a start! i know i totally shouldn't do this, but i'm going to start looking for these things now. i won't buy, of course (we don't have the room here), but at least if we do get the house i'll have a nice record of my ideas!


kristy said...

holly, sending lots of positive thoughts your way in hopes everything works out in purchasing a new home!

casapinka said...

oh, how fun to at least dream about it - maybe it will become a reality!