September 24, 2007

i do

next month tripper and i are going to a wedding. it's a traditional indian wedding and one of the customs is no boxed gifts. i've been poking around trying to find something cute for the bride and groom to either tie onto their card or send them a little bit early. i think this "i do" cake server from swoozies is perfect! (it even plays music—though it doesn't say what. any guesses?) i wish they'd had this when we got married! so cute! i can't believe next month will be three years for us. and speaking of being married for years, today is my mom and dad's anniversary! i won't say which one, but it's a big milestone! congratulations mom and dad! we love you! xoxox


perfect bound said...

Happy early Anniversary! This cake server is so great. It's kind of gift you can pass around to all your girlfriends.

Mom Allen said...

Too cute! Can't wait for the wedding next month, either. Please give your Mom & Dad a GIANT hug and congrats from us. Love ya