September 26, 2007

i heart helvetica

my friend staci says every room should have a little red in it. i couldn't agree more! i think this helvetica film poster would be the perfect way to add a kiss of red to my home office. i think i'll get one!

image from helvetica film.


Brilliant Asylum said...

I had not heard of this film. I am sending the link to my font-happy husband asap. Thanks!

Donna Vitan said...

I just saw this movie tonight. It was the kick off event for RGD Ontario's Design Thinkers 2007 event in Toronto. Also, the director Gary Hustwit and Stefan Sagmeister was available for Q&A afterwards. I enjoyed the movie and look forward to its DVD release this November.

I did get a large poster of this and was able to get Gary to sign it! Woot! I feel very uber designer geek and will have to find a frame big enough for it. I hope Ikea has one. :)